Docky, conky, and the desktop

Easy access to kali linux tools list - lists the included terminal commands.
Several Terminal applications are included
Conky system monitor shows CPU load, and other hardware info
Eclipse IDE and code editor, hex editor
Code blocks IDE
Ninja IDE, Netbeans IDE
pycrust - python editor
bluefish code editor and gparted drive partitions editor
Geany code editor and Monkey Studio IDE
Games are included Mahjong, Frogatto Galaga, solitaire
Tor - anonymous network relay, Putty SSH terminal
Fern wifi cracker, John the ripper, Nmap network scanner
Amoeba GPU tester, test windowed or fullscreen in several resolutions
Gsmartcontrol - hard drive smart testing
Gsmart control - also shown here - gkrell system monitor: shows disk use, network use, cpu load, cpu temps
photorec - a very useful recovery tool for deleted files or damaged file systems
Eclipse IDE and code editor, and hex editor
math expressions application
Several network tools - including powerfuzzer
CPU stresstest - loads up CPU to 100%
Easy to install to hard drive - just click 'install release' on desktop
emacs, leafpad, kate, notes, - text editors
We've created some launcher folders for the most useful tools
List of available terminal commands for penetration testing - in Firefox
Maltego - malware exploit framework
VLC media player, simple screen recorder, xfburn disc burning
k3b disc burner
Chrome browser, Transmission bittorrent client, Teamviewer remote desktop
Systemback - system restore image creation / restore tool
Wine - Windows software emulation layer
Full access to ubuntu software center & Routerpwn - easy router exploits
Wireshark network scanner/sniffer and cmatrix terminal application

Graphical disk map tool - Shows you a visual representation of your hard drive
 Thunar file explorer
GLMark GPU testing Tool